July 22, 2012

Word Study

After doing some online research, I have tweaked my current spelling plan to accommodate more independent choices along with differentiated learning. Instead of simply giving a student a spelling list to memorize, they will have a chance to choose words they need to learn as well as having a vast amount of words to practice and assess the weekly phonics pattern better. Check out my plan as well as a few sample documents under the Reading Daily Five tab!


July 10, 2012

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Get the Daily Five Alive!!

I've updated my Reading and Math tabs to include how I got started with the Daily Five in my classroom last school year as well as how I plan to start the Daily Five in Math. I am still making adjustments to find the smoothest transitional daily plan as possible. Please leave any comments you may have on how you got started too!  


June 26, 2012


My first blog! Going to be a great new obsession....